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Honda Warranty at Lings

You can drive away from Lings Honda assured that your car is under manufacturer warranty for three years from the date of the Warranty Certificate being issued.

This means we will replace any material or manufacturing defects without any cost to you (subject to Ts & Cs)
3 years

Specific Parts and their Warranties
Exhaust Corrosion
5 Years Exhaust Erosion
Covering perforation caused by
corrosion on any area of the
exhaust, except heat shield and
catalytic converter internal structures
Surface Corrosion
3 Years Surface Corrosion
All visible painted surfaces covered
expect when due to bird lime or
vehicle neglect
SXurface Corrosion
12 Years Structural Corrosion
Covering corrosion of the inside and
outside of the body panels of your
Honda car

Chassis Corrosion
10 Years Exhaust Erosion
Includes perforation of drive
shafts, brake lines, suspension arms
& beams, front suspension cross
member, fuel lines and fuel tank steel
IMA InfoIntegrated Motor Assist
The IMA System on your Honda is
covered for manufacturing and
material defects for (whichever
comes first):
8 years or 100,00 miles (03YM to 10YM)
5 years of 90,000 (11YM onwards on eleigible models)
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